Hair oils can do amazing things to make your hair shiny, smooth and healthy looking. Many people want to get the benefits from them because they work for any hair type whether it is dry, oily or normal. They can be difficult to use if you do not know how.

Different Ways To Apply Hair Oil

It can be easy to stop using a hair oil if it leaves your locks heavy or weighed down. Here are ways to apply oil to your hair so that it does what it is meant to. It will leave your hair looking great and you will not have to worry about your hair looking greasy or clumpy.

One way to use a hair oil is before you shampoo it.

Add a few pumps to your scalp and hair. Massage it in. This is a great way to stimulate the follicles and it also gets the oil into the shaft so that it protects your hair as you shampoo. This is a great way to use it regularly if you have dry hair, fine hair, or your scalp is sensitive.

Second Shampoo Your Hair

If you want to use an oil to treat a problem like fizziness, apply it after you shampoo. Towel dry your hair first. Next, get a few drops of oil between your palms. Rub them together and apply to the ends of the hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to get it through evenly. Air dry your hair and say goodbye to frizz. If you like, apply a heat protecting product and blow dry instead.

Again Apply Very Little Oil

As a styling aid, you will want to use your oil sparingly. Once your hair is just the way you want it, apply a tiny amount after rubbing it through your fingers. Sweep it through your hair using your fingers lightly. This will keep the style in place and it will help prevent fly away.

Do you regularly use a hair straightening serum? You can use the oil of your choice instead if you like. This is good to do a few times a week. Your hair will come out styled just the way you want it to, and it will be soft and smooth from the oil.

Coconut oil is great for any hair type. It helps promote growth and it has an anti-fungal property that helps heal dandruff. It can be a little heavy on its own so you need to use it sparingly. If you buy a pre-made product with coconut oil in it, you will likely have fewer problems trying to control the amount used.

Argan oil works for all types.

 It has vitamin A, E, and omega-6s. Dry hair will do very well with any product containing almond oil. Oily hair benefits from jojoba oil.

Hair oil has amazing benefits for all types, but it can sometimes be a challenge to use. If you use too much it weighs it down, if you use too little you do not benefit from it. Follow these tips, and your hair will be beautiful every day. For men hair care sample Click here.

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