If you have a Social Security card that specifically states that it is only designated for work, you may wonder what that means. It will specifically state that it is authorized by the DHS for this purpose. When an individual comes from a different country, and they have been lawfully admitted, sometimes their main purpose is to work in the US. It is for this reason that they will be granted a Social Security card, not one that represents them as a valid citizen, but only as someone that is visiting temporarily that is therefore the purpose of working and not staying on a permanent basis.

What If A Person Wants To Get A Real Social Security Card

If you want to get an actual Social Security card, you must first go through the process of becoming a citizen of the United States. You are not coming here for work, but you are arriving with the intent of staying on a permanent basis. To do this, you will have to go through certain procedures, file paperwork, and also appear in person so that you can be considered for this privilege. If it is not granted, then the only Social Security card that you may have is the one that enables you to work on a temporary basis.

Do They Have An Expiration Date?

The expiration date associated with these cards is typically limited to how long you are legally allowed to stay in the US. For example, when someone is going to visit the United States, and they must get a visa which is associated with their passport. This is what will limit their stay. If you are granted one of these Social Security cards for work only, then it will be limited based upon how long you are legally allowed to stay in the US. Other than that, there may be a need to reapply for a new Social Security card that will allow you to come back if you decide to work in the future.

How Do You Get One Of These Cards?

In the same way that people are able to apply for a Social Security card to perhaps change their name, or their address, you will need to fill out a form that is similar. The primary goal is to always focus on getting a permanent Social Security card if you have the intent of living in the US with your family. If that is not your intent, then you will use the forms that will give you the temporary one that is designed to allow you to stay and work in America.

Those that tend to work in America are using that as a first step toward getting permanent residency. It can be a long process, one that could last for several years. You never know until you actually apply to see what happens. Some of the people that are going to do this honestly just want to work for a specified period of time and they have no interest in actually being in the US except for the job they have been hired for. That’s why there are so many different Social Security cards that you can obtain, each with their individual purpose. Get to know more at www.application-filing-service.com

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