Using natural oils on your hair really helps in so many ways. People don’t realize what all they do to their hair when it comes to using synthetic products containing chemicals. There are many different natural oils that you can use on your hair as you discover more about their benefits. Not only should you use the essential oils on your hair, but you can make them substitutes for other products you might be using that could harm your hair.

How Essential Oils Can Help to Strengthen Your Hair?

Did you know that there are certain essential oils that can help to strengthen your hair? Other benefits include scalp nourishment, hair growth and keeping your hair healthy and shining overall, among other things. Let’s take a look at the first essential oil that makes the list, one you might want to use as you explore more about natural oil hair treatments.

Rosemary is an herb that I really like to cook with, and it is an essential oil that can really benefit your hair. If you are wanting to promote hair growth and keep your hair from thinning out, rosemary is a choice essential oil. It not only works to help you grow your hair, but it helps with healing, too. It can help with dandruff as well, and a couple of other things. Have you heard of minoxidil? It is a hair growth treatment that is often used, but guess what, rosemary oil is said to be just as good.

How to Essential Oils on Your Hair?

When you use an essential oil on your hair, it is important to read through directions. You want to know how much of an oil needs to be used, and you want to know if it needs to be diluted. You may even find out that a particular essential oil can be mixed with other ingredients to make an even better solution. In the case of rosemary oil, it is suggested that it can be mixed with olive oil.

Another important essential oil to use on your hair would be chamomile oil. It is used to help soften your hair and make it shine. Chamomile oil is also soothing to your scalp, too. Sea salt and baking soda are good mixing ingredients for the chamomile oil. There are a ton of other oils that can be used on your hair. Some of them provide the same types of benefits as other oils, or at least some benefits are similar.

 natural oils

You will also want to look at all of the best recipes for using natural oils on your hair and scalp. What do you know about lemongrass oil? It is great as a deodorizer for starters. It is also great when it comes to cleansing your hair, and that helps. Lemongrass oil can also strengthen hair follicles and work to reduce dandruff. Learn more here.

All the benefits you have read about are good, but that’s just part of the picture. There are more essential oils that need to be addressed, and this gave you a good introduction. Now it is time to discover more about the oils that you can use on your hair. Find more tips at

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