If you have decided you would like a Bulldog as a pet, it is worthwhile to know that there are a variety of Bulldog breeds that you can choose from. Each of these breeds have their own unique traits, characteristics and appearance. In general, the bulldogs are a medium size and very heavy. They are well recognized for their friendly natures and laid-back attitude. Here are a few of the different bulldog types:

Different Bulldog Types

• English Bulldog

The English Bulldogs have compact bodies and are medium in size. This breed has a large head and body along with a forehead that is full of wrinkles. The muzzles are short and wide similar to a pug and tails that are bent low or straight. The coats of the English Bulldogs range from piebald, yellow, red, fawn, white or one or more shades combined.

• Old English Bulldog

This breed of Bulldog is usually very responsive when it comes to commands and extremely eager to please family members and their owners. They may appear to look tough from the outside, yet they are in most cases sweet and gentle natured dogs. The Old English Bulldog have a nimble and athletic build with a bulky and powerful head. Their legs are stocky and short, and they feature coarse coats that usually come in patches that range in assorted colors from grey, red, black and fawn.

• American Bulldog

The American Bulldogs have muscular and sturdy bodies and are recognized for a more athletic build. These dogs can weigh in from 60 to 120 pounds which is usually dependent on their diet and their health. This breed has a very large head, strong jaws and cropped ears. The American Bulldogs have short coats which typically come in several shades that range from brown, red, fawn, solid black as well as all the brindle shades. This breed is also well known for its likelihood to drool, but this particular characteristic happens to be more prevalent when it comes to the Bully breed.

• French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a breed that is slightly smaller in comparison to the other types of Bulldog breeds. These dogs are free-spirited and often have a laid-back yet stubborn personality. This type of bulldog has a compact and muscular build and they are also more active than the other bulldog breeds. Similar to other Bulldog types their coats come in several colors that range from fawn, white and tan. To know more consult best bulldog breeders.

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